December 20, 2010

The One with Family Christmas Photos

This was a whirlwind weekend, that is for sure, but it was completely awesome. I spent the entire week (especially the night before) baking, and every minute was worth it. Kevin's family began arriving at 10:30am Saturday for our Christmas celebration. Everyone had a great time catching up, telling stories, and laughing together while the smells of the roasting turkey tantalized our tastebuds. I made the same meal that I served at my family's Thanksgiving dinner (which seems like last weekend. How is it December 20th already?

Wheat Rolls
Steamed Corn
Cheesy Broccoli 
Sweet Potato Pie (recipe forthcoming!) 

We also had some time to take a few family photos, watch a movie, enjoy snacks, and rehearse 5 minutes before the Sunday church service for a 4 part choir performance. I love my family! 


This picture is pretty hilarious. My favorite part is how Kevin's mom is trying to kiss his dad, but Dad is much too preoccupied with the crazy pose. :) Kevin succeeded in seizing a kiss for himself though. ;)

We had a blast opening presents! There was laughter and outbursts, teasing and excitement. Kevin and I were both super excited about all of our gifts! Many of them will be used and enjoyed by both of us. 

Kevin received a boxed Lord of the Rings set (yay! His former set is falling apart left and right.), The Emperor's New Groove (one of our faves!), a tshirt that says "STAND BACK! I'm going to try science!", a new wrench set, some cash!, and Planet Earth on dvd.  

My gifts rocked too! I opened an awesome hand knitted earflap hat (It's so super cute. I really love it, Brian. I'm calling it my llama hat, because it was made from Alpaca wool of course.), a pizzelle press (can't wait to introduce the people in my life to my Italian culture in cookie form!), a sweet cordless hot pot (already used it for our party last night), two new cookbooks--365 No Repeats by Rachael Ray and Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (they're like novels to me!) and the Willow Tree Nativity set (*SQUEAL*)!

Thanks, family, for a delightfully memorable Christmas! We love you!

What are YOU doing with your family this Christmas??

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