December 24, 2010

The One with our Quick Christmas Eve

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Our Christmas is a little different this year. Yes, there was still the insta-tree (when Kevin pulled our decorated tree out of a huge spare bedroom closet), the endless baking, the icy cold morning runs, and the same ol' Christmas tunes ringing through our home. But this year, we went low-key with our personal Christmas celebration. Normally, I'm a stickler for opening stocking stuffers Christmas evening and presents Christmas morning. Kevin tries to change my mind every year, and sometimes succeeds. But this year, we're leaving for my parents' house right after the Christmas Eve Service--meaning no time for gifts. That was fine--especially since we decided not to do gifts. But I couldn't resist wrapping up a little something for him. 

So I stopped by the Dollar Tree and raided the food aisles with one goal in mind--find all of my husband's personal favorite treats as a way of showing him how well I know him and how much I love him. The plan worked marvelously. He loved his Dots, Mary Janes, Bit 'O Honey, Lemon Heads, Cashews, Jerky, Special Dark Hershey Kisses, Bridge Mix, Banana Chips, and Whale Crackers (better than Golfish!) (And yes, he is totally old fashioned in his tastes for candy.) This afternoon, after a lunch of leftover Christmas turkey and sweet potato casserole, he opened his gifts. He's quite the experienced guesser too. We had a great time--laughing and enjoying the items I picked out. In fact, I'm eating some Sour Dots right now. 

Now it's time to turn the oven on once again for our Christmas Eve pizza. "Why, pizza?" you ask. Well, because Kevin requests pizza every single day. And because we had pizza last night and I forgot to put the dough in the freezer--which left me with a very obvious (repeat) plan for tonight's meal. After dinner, we shall venture over to the church for the teen skit and song rehearsal, then we're off on a three hour trip. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas
May you see Jesus in the celebration and give praise to the Father for the Ultimate Gift. 

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