December 16, 2010

The One with the Last Couple Days

Things I have done in the last 48 hours--

Zested 10 oranges and grated the skin right off of my thumb's knuckle. ouch.

Sold one of the handmade items I'm excited to reveal to the world post-Christmas. 

Spent time in wonderful early morning conversation with my sweet husband. 

Had my butt (and abs) kicked HARD CORE by Jillian Michaels' new workout: Six Week Six Pack. Hardest. Workout. Ever. (borrowed from the library btw.)

Wished I had cute winter boats--something like this. Not cute peep toes. Brrr. Not snow boats from 8th grade. Gross. Cute boats that are appropriate for winter and adorable for fashion. 

Baked 8 dozen cookies. At least. 

Been called "Awesome" by an 8th grade guy referring to Kevin and me. 

Tried to figure out when to go ice skating with my friend, Britt. This month is WAY too full. 

Heard a beautiful rendition of The Little Drummer Boy by one of my piano students. 

Practiced a four part arrangement of Angels, We Have Heard On High with our teens. It's gonna be good. 

Snuggled up on the couch with my husband to watch season six of The Office on dvd. We're finally caught up. Now on to Seinfeld

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