December 17, 2010

The One with an Entire Day in the Kitchen

I bake a lot. You probably know that. Today was a baking day like I've never experienced. Thanksgiving prep came close, but yet not so much. I starting working in the kitchen at 10:00am. I took a 30 minute break for dinner at 7:30pm. And I finally sat down at 9:30pm. 


I'm exhausted, yes. I may have gotten short with Kevin at one point after I realized the Best Pie Ever (aka Pecan) was a completely lost cause. My kitchen was an absolute disaster for the better part of 7 hours. 
But I love it. It was a great day. I loved what I whipped up. I loved hearing Kevin tell me how impressed he was with my hard work. And I will love our guests' enjoyment of my baked goods. 

In those long hours I produced a beautifully latticed apple pie (even prettier than pictured), a brand new recipe for sweet potato pie, a completely-failed-but-previously-perfect-pecan pie, wheat dinner rolls, a delicious batch of peanut brittle (a previous failure), puppy chow, baked tortilla chips, potatoes prepped for boiling in the morning, sweet potato casserole in stage one, turkey prepped with butter and herbs, and pizza for our dinner. 

I love a productive day. And, friends, today was quite productive. :)


  1. oh how I wish you could come bake for me sometime! :) not my fav thing to do! it all sounds SO yummy though!

  2. I wish I could come bake for you, too, Jen! Thanks!

  3. WOW, just WOW!! I did make a sweet potato casserole and some cheese straws for Jack's teachers. Other than that, I've just been sitting around contemplating making ONE batch of cookies.... so WOW!


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