December 13, 2010

The One with the Home Quiz

This weekend was a blur of busy excitement. Friday evening our quizzers and some adult helpers worked hard to revamp our church to host the conference Bible quiz. We cleaned up rooms, pulled 50 chairs from the shed, set up those chairs in each classroom, displayed our bake sale goods, put up extra tables, practiced our worship set, printed signs, and then headed back to our house for a slumber party. The girls and I had a great time gabbing in their high class guest room :) while watching Frosty the Snowman. The boys were talking video games and such. And once 10:30pm rolled around and the church group finally arrived to spend the night in our church, we hit the sack. 

Saturday morning we were up early and the teens were a great help as they set up the three additional quizzing rooms in our house! I hardly had to any of the manual labor set up as Kevin was great at delegating tasks and the teens got the job done. (note: I was working--but on the techy, logistics, print outs, organization side.) Kevin ran to the amazing local bakery at 6:30am to pick up fresh donuts, and by 8am we were all over at the church. 

Thankfully, we had a family from our church willing to do all of the lunch catering. They did a fantastic job and alleviated ALL of my potential stress in the area of food service. What a blessing. 

When we offered to host one month's Bible Quiz this season, we asked for the month that is usually the smallest quiz. Turns out, Saturday's quiz was the biggest of the year! Wow. awesome. It was a bit of a stretch to fit 200 people in our church for the entire day with only the fellowship hall to hang out in while quizzes went on in every room, office and oversized closet we could find. :) But I never heard any complaints--in fact, only praises for the hosting job we did. Yay! 

We had a great worship session led by the teens and us and Kevin shared an awesome devotional before the quiz day started. Then we were off! Our teams had studied hard--wanting to make their home church proud! Their efforts paid off with dividends! Our Senior Teen Veteran B team went undefeated snagging 1st place in their division! The Young Teen Rookie B team did just as well--winning every quiz of the day and coming home with a 1st place trophy! On top of that, one of our young teen's did so well that he quizzed out (answering the maximum of 5 questions per round) in EVERY single round he was in, AND he went on to win 1st place in the individual competition. Everyone was so proud of him!

senior teen team:

young teen team:

As we waited for the quizzing results, I decided to get help from our teens and lead the sanctuary full of quizzers in a rousing Christmas carols sing along. It was so much fun and did a great job of taking away the awkward, somewhat annoying waiting period that comes before the awards ceremony. 

All of our quizzers and parents stuck around for another hour or two to clean up and put the church back together. With all the help, we finished our task fairly quickly and even managed to have a bit of fun--we all love being together. 

I'm so proud of our quizzers--for the long study time they put in, for the great job they did, and for the help they offered.


  1. Our group also really appreciated the help for the flat tire offered by one of your adult helpers. JoAnn ended up needing a new tire before we left town, but that air allowed her to make it to a tire shop.

    You guys did a great job-thanks for hosting!

  2. That's awesome!! Good job! Sounds so fun!
    Oh and I noticed the Tshirts! I just showed Jake, :) He likes the way it turned out on the shirts!

  3. They have come a long way from not knowing John 3:16!

  4. Karen, I'm so glad someone helped you guys! It's always great to see you.

    Melissa, We all LOVE our shirts!

    Britt, YES THEY HAVE! We're so proud!


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