October 1, 2010

The One with the Worship Yoga

Yesterday morning, I headed downstairs for my morning workout. 
Nothing out of the ordinary. 
I got through my Jillian 30 Day Shred and decided I wanted to do a few minutes of yoga. 
I have gone through 3 or 4 different yoga dvds so I know the basics. 
After being inspired by Mandy at She Breathes Deeply to use yoga as a tool of worship, I wanted to experience it for myself.
(Side note: I love Mandy. We have quite a lot in common--namely our love of God, husband, and yoga.)
Mandy talks about the Holy Yoga program and she's mentioned putting some instructional videos on her blog--I can't wait)

I put in one of my favorite worship soaking cds by Rita Springer.
I started stretching and trying to develop my own flow of poses. 
Before I knew it I had gone through 4 songs and spent 40 minutes worshiping through yoga.
It was the most incredible experience. 
I sang, I listened, I closed my eyes, I prayed, I cried, I worshiped--
all while doing yoga--doing my body good. 
I look forward to making this a regular part of my lifestyle. 
Relaxing and refocusing--particularly on my Jesus--is such an important part of life to a person like me. 
I have the propensity to worry and stress, so much so that I often don't even know I'm stressed. 
But these emotions present themselves in physical ways in headaches and tension and tightness--none of which are ways to use my body to be a worthy temple for God. 
So yoga can stretch me--physically and emotionally and spiritually. 
It is a tool--a powerful tool--that God can use to allow me to connect with Him in every aspect of my being. 


  1. Hey Mel! I too was inspired by Mandys post. I use to go to "flow" classes.. kinda like yoda/pilates..so i know basics too. I think I will start trying it. its perfect morning exercise. and I have a billion worship cds YAY i am excited. I will start on sunday. I have a wedding this weekend.

  2. I think this part "to a person like me".... lol!! I need to destress through music and stretching.... i'm soo tense today.... hope you can use the list on my blog as a help when making your worship soak CD.... I'm planning on making one for me of all my Favourite Favourite ones... I'm bolding them on my list as I decide which ones go on the CD!


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