October 18, 2010

The One with Girls Questioning God's Creation

God is not done moving among us. 
Satan, of course, has had his turn at attempting to tear down the stronghold Jesus has on the hearts of our youth group.
The Enemy has done his best to conjure up conflict and create strife and put a wedge in between all the good that is happening. 
But I see what you're pulling, Satan, and I raise you eleventy billion. 
Because God's on our side. 
So there!

I'm all too quickly becoming an expert in conflict management, 
and the methods of Matthew 18
But I won't give up.
Even though my efforts seem for naught, I refuse to throw in the towel. 

Last night at youth group, Kevin and I led two separate (unrehearsed) discussions on forgiveness and on living a life far from lukewarm
As the girls shared the areas in their life where they are lukewarm--where they have given God enough, but not all--my heart was being moved towards a specific topic. 
I didn't plan it. 
In fact, I've all but stopped planning--God's will is so much more evident when I don't try to force my outline into His agenda.

With 12 girls listening intently, I began to broach the taboo topic. 
Girls and body image. 
I wanted them to see they are not alone--
that every girl has something she dislikes or even despises about her body. 
There were nodding heads and open hearts. 
I told them of my own struggles. 
And I shared with them the message only God could place in my mouth--
what right does the created have to question to the wisdom of the Creator?

I gave them this example from my marriage:
For a while, I constantly held a very negative opinion of my figure. 
Kevin would always tell me of my beauty, but I still complained--
basically choosing to call him a liar by refuting his statements. 
He finally stopped me in my tracks.
My loving husband told me that when I talk badly about myself, it hurts him.
It tells him I don't trust him enough to believe that his words are true. 

This is just one example of how Kevin exemplifies Christ to me. 
Jesus is saddened when we compare ourselves to others, when we talk badly about the body we've been given, when we mistreat our body, when we believe the lies from Satan. 

We are wrong, women.
We are not just living stunted lives because of our inability to see ourselves as the crown of creation, 
but we are living selfishly. 
We are not considering the effects our low opinions of ourselves have on our husbands, our friends, our God.
Believe Him. 
Embrace the Truth. 
And you will be set free indeed.   

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  1. Mel, thanks for telling us all that. I talked to some of the girls that were there later,and they all said they were just about in tears because everything you said was so true. And after the talk about forgiveness, I actually did forgie someone ad I had a really long talk with them today! So thank you:)

  2. My husband did almost the exact same thing to me...it broke my heart and hits me every time I am about to talk about myself as less than lovely. I needed to hear this...and needed it at 12, 14, 16, 18, and on and on and on. I am so glad to know that you are letting God move you and witness this message to your girls.

  3. Wow, this truth is so powerful, Melanie! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. what a great post! and how blessed the families in your church are for teaching these things to their girls!! keep teaching!


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