September 29, 2010

The One with the Creepy Crawlies

This has been quite the morning. 

First, I didn't feel like getting out of bed. 
I had trouble falling asleep last night (which is a rare and extremely frustrating occurrence) and between that and the fact that this is my FAVORITE sleeping weather, the alarm got silenced many times. 

One of those times, however, I asked Kevin if he had gotten a sub job yet. 
So I said I was going back to sleep, but he could wake me up if he got a job.
As I closed my eyes again, I thought him say something, but I didn't have the energy or the willpower to ask him if he had.
So back to sleep I went.
A few minutes later he came into the room and I said, "you got a job?!"
He replied, "Yeah! That job I was told you about before you went back to sleep. I got it right away and said so, but when you didn't respond I figured you wanted to sleep."
I appreciated his care.

I finally got out of my perfectly warm bed, 
made a cup of tea and a sandwich for my husband,
sent him off to work, and did some yoga.
I wanted to wait until it was light outside to go for a run.
As I waited, I sat on the couch to pull out my Bible.
I have said Bible along with other books in this adorable wicker basket next to the couch.
As I reached down for the Bible, I saw something black moving in the basket.
I said, "Holy Moly!"
I was really really hoping it was just a cricket.
T'hey still freak me out, but a spider the size of the blur I saw would just be atrocious. 
I ran and grabbed a pile of napkins and stacked them strategically in my hand. 
I pulled out the other books and saw that, sure enough, it was a MASSIVE spider.
Black. And Hairy. And HUGE.
At least 2 inches from leg to leg.
But his body was no "daddy long leg" teeny tiny body.
It was dime-sized.
I prepared myself, moved more books, and he ran.
I thought he had escaped but no, he was hidden in the adorable wicker weaving. 
So I moved a few more things and tried to shake the basket just enough to encourage him to come out without making a run for it.
He played right into my plan.
There he sat, right beside my adorable wicker basket and inches from disappearing under the couch. 
I was really wishing he were downstairs where I might be able to convince myself to ignore him.
But no.
He was in the central living space of my home, and I didn't want him to be lurking around every corner. 
I got into position. 
My heart was beating out my chest. 
I didn't think I could do it. I didn't want to feel that squish or hear the loud crunch. 
I also didn't want to step on him and grind him into my lovely Berber carpet. 
So I zoned out and went for it. 
*deeeeeep breath*
I had done it. I had rid my home of the killer spider. 

After that I went outside for a run. 
As I walked down my driveway I noticed my neighbor's car. 
IN my driveway. 
She's my age, married, with a little boy, and I hope to get to know her better.
We'd talked before and she told me her window had fogged over and she freaked out. 
I said no problem.

She told me she was inspired by my running. 
I said I loved her outfit.

(Although anything would look better than my running shorts and sweatband. blech.)

I took off and up ahead there was a garbage truck stopping all of the work traffic.
Not cool, garbage men, not cool.
I kept running and soon found I had caught up and passed the line of vehicles. 
I felt a little awesome.

Back home, I jumped in the shower.
When I was done, I heard the answering machine beeping.
It was a lady interested in my elliptical.
Awesome! We're going to make some money today.
I called her back and left her a message.
Gotta love phone tag. 

Then I found an email regarding piano lessons. 
Just last night I sent a message to all of our teens and parents and church families regarding the music studio my husband and I are working to start.
I taught piano last year--but only got 3 students.
The word of mouth thing takes a while when beginning.
Kevin now wants to teach piano, clarinet, saxophone, and bass guitar.
This could really be awesome. 
Pray this works out for us, will you?  And if you live near Southeast Michigan or know someone who would be interested in lesson, let me know!

In any case, I wanted to encourage some networking and word of mouth action, so that's why I sent our endeavor info in an email to friends. 
One of those people forwarded my email to her coworkers and I already heard from someone. 

She probably won't be able to start until later in October, but HEY I'll wait. :) 
Maybe I'll get her kids to take lessons too!

I think that brings us up to this moment. 
Now I'm off to bake cookies for our weekly Sunday bake sale and for young adult small group Saturday. 
I'm going to IKEA with Britt this afternoon, 
then doing a practice up-do for homecoming on one of my girls right before Bible quizzing this evening.
And what's for dinner? 
Who knows!


  1. I always LOVE yor stories!! Your life seems so entertaining!!! :)

  2. Next time you see a spider you should use the method my mother has taught me....THE VACUUM :)

  3. Yuumm cookies for young adult group?!

    Also, I saw Ashley today (I subbed in her French class) and her hair looked super cute. :D

  4. A spider ran out into my living room today, and in 1 swift motion grabbed a kleenex from beside me, leaned forward and he was gone... I have no idea where he or she went!

  5. I thought of you while driving today! it felt like something crawling on my foot - twice. ew!!! all I could think of was your spider! lol

  6. I got chills down my spine about your spider. Not much bothers me... even my grown sons scream like girls when they see a wasp, so they holler at me to "kill it, Mom!" if I'm around. Crickets are nothing... roaches so-so... snakes don't even phase me. But a SPIDER?! Brrrrr! HATE those things. I can do the mexican hat dance on a spider at 100mph!

    Then I read Jenilee's comment... great. Now I'm gonna be checking the floor area of the car before I drive.

    LOL!! ♥


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