October 20, 2010

The One with the Racing Brilliance

I loved today. 
1. Because I got another chance.
2. Because it's fall. 
3. Because my cats snuggled with me. 
4. Because I made enchiladas and brownies. 
5. Because my dedicated husband went to work even though he was feeling crappy. 
6. Because I was super productive. 
7. Because I checked everything off of my to-do list.

But mostly because I checked everything off of my to-do list. 

It's amazing how accomplished that makes me feel. I'm constantly thinking something that's needs to happen--something to work on, fix, brainstorm, prepare, create, etc. And if I don't write down my thought on a piece of paper RIGHT THEN, it slips out within an instant and is gone forever (or until it floats back into my subconscious for a moment.) I keep little pads of scrap paper around every corner--in my nightstand, in my bathroom drawer, in the kitchen, in my purse. Most of my brilliant ideas happen when I can't get to piece of paper, though. It's so unfortunate. 

In any case, this morning's checklist is now in the trash can with every single line item crossed off. 


Now I can rest easy. 
Assuming my mind doesn't decide to be brilliant when all I want is sleep. 


  1. I need a day to get my list done! it always feels great to have things OFF the list!

  2. I've seriously considered putting a quick-link to voice recorder software on my cell phone so I can just talk to myself easily whenever inspiration strikes me.

    I get all these great ideas... and by the time I'm able to write it down, it's gone.

    I even have that problem typing, sometimes, I have to write topic-notes so I remember all the things I wanted to write about.

    My comment on your tithing blog took me 20 minutes, just because I had something important to add, and couldn't remember what it was.


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