October 31, 2010

The One with the Hug Attack

This weekend we missed our teens. Though we had a really great time with family in my hometown, we ended up not being able to make it back for our church's Light the Night ("trunk or treat"). We entrusted our teens with our trunk. They were in charge of decorating and manning the trunk as well as being responsible and helpful throughout the event. 

When we pulled into our driveway late last night, we saw a cute pumpkin sitting in front of our garage door. As we picked it up, we realized it had been signed by EVERY SINGLE ONE of our teens and Pastor Dale and Pam! There was a fantastic turnout--I was so excited. (If anyone knows how to preserve a pumpkin for posterity, let me know.) It was also a wonderful statement--

they. missed. us. *GRIN*

Around 10:30pm, I saw a Facebook update by one of our teens. It mentioned something about TPing. Hmmmm. "I bet they TPed our car." We threw on our shoes, ran out to church parking lot and sure enough--there it was. Our little escort covered in toilet paper. They even put all of the used toilet paper rolls on our antenna. Again. A testament to how much they love us. (Yes, teens show their love in strange ways. :D) 

This morning I heard nothing but great remarks from every adult and teen involved. *so proud*

I was also thrilled to have 2 girls attending church for the first time. We had a great Sunday School class and then took our seats in the sanctuary--the teens have officially taken over the front 2 rows. LOVE. IT. Part of the way through the service, one of the church leaders stepped up to the microphone and asked the Pastor's family and Kevin and I to come forward. They presented both of our families with a gift of appreciation for our ministry in honor of Pastors' Appreciation Month. We were so honored. Then, the most beautiful moment happened. Just as we turned to sit down, ALL of our teens from the front row ran up to us, in front of the entire congregation, and engulfed us in the most phenomenal group hug I've ever been a part of. 

I will cherish that moment forever
Thank you, Jesus, for another reminder that the work we do is not in vain


  1. Sa-weet!!!!! That sounds fun!!!

  2. :) love it!
    our youth does that. sit on the front two rows. well we used too we are all grown up and the rest of the youth that is below us don't seem to care or have that family feeling we did.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! TP and all! :)

  4. The gigantic group hug was quite fun:) Haha. We had that planned for the past,like, three weeks, we just kept forgetting to DO it. Lol. We love youuu:)


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