October 17, 2010

The One with a Whirlwind Weekend

(I feel like I've used that title before. If so, please excuse me.)

Yet another busy weekend in the life of a youth pastor and his cohort. 

To be more exact, our work week starts Wednesday and goes to Sunday. 
Monday and Tuesday are our only "slower" days
--though Kevin still tries to sub--
so he never really gets a day off. 
Wednesday, I have a piano lesson, 
then Bible Quizzing from 7-8pm--though our house doesn't empty till 8:45 sometimes. 
Thursday evening is worship team practice. 
Fridays are typically the day we have lunch with the girls at MHS, 
then 5th Quarter. 
Saturdays have been filled with extra events. 
Sundays are church and youth group filled. 

THIS particular weekend was particularly busy.
Our Friday went like this:
Kevin gets home from subbing at 2:30pm.
At 3:45 we head to the church to help with worship for a marriage conference. 
Kevin then headed to a teen's birthday party, to return home at 7:30pm.
Around 6pm, I got a call from a distressed teen who was in turmoil over unfortunate boyfriend issues. 
I picked her and her friend up from the football game at 6:45pm and brought them back to my house to talk. 
People starting arriving for 5th Qtr at 8:30 and left at 11:30pm
Our Bible Quizzers spent the night at our house. 
We woke up at 4:45am to leave by 6am to drive three hours north for our first quiz that started at 9am. 
We got a bit lost--thanks a lot, gps genius--
but we still made it by the skin of our teeth. 
Our quizzers spent the next 5 hours giving it their all against other churches. 
We all piled into the caravan of cars at 4pm--exhausted--and made the 3 hours trip home. 

Kevin and I collapsed. 

The end.  

p.s. it was one of those "consider it pure joy" type of weekends.
I had a blessed time. 

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