October 24, 2010

The One with the Inner Artist

Another blog makeover. 

I'm really falling in love with it, though if I had more editing and coding skills it could be way more awesomer. Honestly, that is one of my little aspirations--to grow in my photo and logo editing skills and maybe possibly one day in the future earn some extra cashola creating beautiful designs for people. I have VERY limited resources right now which is one of the reasons I'm at a standstill. Kevin has been messing around with GIMP lately and I honestly have no idea where to begin with that program. I just need a few (hundred) hours to find my feet. 

If I could hone these skills and learn about ditigal scrapbooking--even better! I enjoy getting the creative juices flowing and thinking of beautiful ways to show off and preserve photo memories. BUT. Scrapbooking takes a ridiculous amount of time, way too much cleaning, far too much space. It's just rather impractical. It takes 45 minutes to get in to the creating groove. I work for a couple hours. (And it's RARE to find a couple hours to work with.) Then I clean up for 30 minutes. Sheesh. That's a big commitment. I think I'd rather use a digital program. And click "save" when I need to walk away. Perfect. 

But this requires me figuring out the wide world of graphic design. 

Along those lines, I'd love to learn more about photography. Even as a young girl I had an interest in this art. I would set up backdrops for my baby dolls or my sister--whichever would cooperate best for the vision I had. I'm not sure what ever happened to that dream of mine. I think I forgot about it. I'm a little sad about that, but hey, I still have time to learn new skills, right? 

I even had an opportunity to take a photography class in college, but I opted for Art Foundations instead. I won't tell you the reasons for this decision, because you'll find me ridiculous and petty, but I did have reasons. I just wish I would have ignored my pocket-protector personality for just a semester and went for it

Kevin also has an interest in photography and editing. The thought of sharing a hobby and possibly a mini-business with him thrills me. Who knows if this will ever pan out, but we like dreaming about it. In the meantime, we'll be saving for a digital SLR camera. If you would like to contribute to this fund because you believe I could be the photographer ever, just let me know. 

If not, well, I'll love you anyways. 


  1. blog layout looks great! good job!

    I use photobucket to get the html code for my pictures if I ever do it that way. I didn't realize that flickr does the same thing. :)

  2. A friend of mine has a digi-SLR camera, and it takes amazing pictures.

    But I've got a really good camera that cost me about $250 at Best Buy (included an upgraded memory card, rechargeable batteries, case). I probably could have gotten a better price, but I was in a bit of a hurry since my old camera died and we were getting ready to go on a trip.

    I absolutely love my camera - it's ridiculously easy to take pictures with, has some features. The only "problem" with my camera is that it's a little slow at snapping multiple pictures... so I can't get multiple action shots in a row, and most action shots are a little behind the actual moment that I wanted to capture (but, I think it's because I have a slower memory card and may be able to tweak some camera settings).

    But if you look through my pictures on facebook, almost everything there is with my digital camera. The really grainy pictures are with my cell phone. The best part about my camera is that it supports picture sizes big enough to make wall portraits.

    I've got a 9.0 MP canon PowerShot SX110 IS. I'm not sure that you can even get them anymore - they've got upgraded lines for the same price though, I'm sure.


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