October 7, 2010

The One with the List of Soak Songs & GIVEAWAY

Many of you have been intrigued with the concept of the worship soak discipline and have asked about the list of songs I chose to share with my teen girls. 
I picked my favorite songs from 5 different mixed cds I had been given throughout my college years by one of my spiritual mentors. 
These songs have spoken to me time and time again. 

Until Monday when I started googling the lyrics and connecting artists with song titles, these song were vaguely listed as "worship soak #1" and so on. 
I chose to leave the songs "anonymous" in my mind so they would only be connected with the beautiful discipline and my moments with Jesus. 

Now that I know who wrote which song, it's kind of ridiculous to see that two different artists dominated my list of favorites:
Rita Springer and Kim Walker. 
I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do! 

In FACT I just had a brilliant idea! 
To celebrate my 70th follower, I would like to send one of you your own copy of my worship soak collaboration. 
If you're interested in winning a copy, leave a comment for me (be sure to include contact info)! 
Feel free to spread the word about this giveaway--especially if there's someone in your life you know would appreciate it. 

May your worship be blessed! 

Spontaneous Song #1-- Kim Walker
I Surrender--Kim Walker
He Reigns--Rita Springer
Holy Spirit Come--Rita Springer
Dwell--Casey Corum
Worth It All--Rita Springer


  1. aw sweet idea Mel! I will have to look up those songs.
    What songs do you yoga to??
    I'm thinking of making one to work out to.

  2. by the way, ive been blogging almost everyday! It's actually becoming a lot of fun. I am thinking of having a give away as well... just have to think of somethin good.

  3. Oh, this is going to make Brooke very happy!! She wanted a listing of names last night!!
    And BTW, she took a bath and listened to the CD :) and then played it again before bed!! :)

  4. Yes I did listen to them, but it wasn't twice. it was three times:P and it's funny because before I read the comment from my mom, I wrote down the names!!!

  5. This is awesome =) It actually inspired me to make one of my own, however I would not mind at all trying to win a list of your favorite songs =)

    if i win, you can e-mail me at brittapaige89@gmail.com for further details

  6. Congrats on 70 followers!!

    Music can have such a powerful impact on us and is a great tool to use in worship and resting in Christ.

    May you be blessed!

  7. ah what a wonderful idea! Thanks for offering your list- and I would enjoy a Mel soaking CD!

  8. I loving making worship sets much the same way. I've never called it that before and I love the concept of soaking in his presence through worship! fun!


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