October 4, 2010

The One with the Worship Soak

Have you ever had an amazing bath? 
Or stepped into a perfectly heated, bubbling jacuzzi tub?
Or laid down on the most delightful bed you've ever experienced?
Those moments of soaking are truly delightful, aren't they?
The "ahhhhhhhhhhh" is irreplaceable. 
Stress leaves our bodies and our minds. 
All heaviness in our hearts and racing thoughts in our subconscious cease to exist. 

Being at peace is so essential to living a full life. 
Jesus called us to give Him our burdens. 
He invited us to be as little children and sit on His lap. 
He beckons us into our closets to experience quiet moments with Him. 
It is in those moments, that we can hear the voice of God most clearly. 
We cast aside all that hinders and experience His presence in unexpected ways. 

It is with that purpose in mind that I practice the spiritual discipline of worship soaking
One of my mentors in college burned me multiple cds with songs specifically designed for resting in Jesus' presence. 
The music is experiential, flowing. 
It quickly calms my mind and spirit and ushers me into God's presence. 

Last night at youth group, I was debating about bringing up this "unique" way of experiencing God. 
With so many new teens around, I was thinking it was too soon. 
But after delving into our deep small group discussion with my 12 girls (TWELVE! I had 3 a few months ago!), I felt God was telling me they were ready. 
This was the right time. 
So I explained what "worship soaking" is.
And they seemed excited and intrigued. 
I asked if any of them wanted me to burn them a cd.
All of them instantly raised their hands. 
Then I asked if any of them wanted to try out a time of worship soaking right then. 
They all did!
By the time I got back into the room with my ipod, they were spread out--comfy, relaxed, released. 
They spent the next 20 minutes in God's presence. 
When they opened their eyes, almost all of them had a glow on their faces and an awesome experience to share. 
It was SO cool.

This week, I'm burning cds for them and I've had a couple of them ask me for links to youtube to the songs they worshiped to last night. 
They are experiencing God in real ways that go with them into their day. 
I'm so blessed to be a part of His work. 


  1. what a great idea! what are some of the songs you put on the cd?

  2. I was going to ask Jenilee's question! I think this is great too!


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