January 14, 2011

The One with the War on the Dishwasher

Today is one of those "Getting Tons of Things Done But You Don't Really Feel Like You're Getting Anything Done" days. It's a really good feeling (sometimes, once a week TOPS!) to be accomplishing, accomplishing, accomplishing. Scurrying hither and thither, cleaning up messes as they are made, baking cookies in between times, filing paperwork, balancing the checkbook ledger, cleaning the dishwasher. 

Oh wait. That last one just stinks. literally and figuratively I might add. Cleaning things that clean things is dumb. It seems totally counterintuitive to me. Am I crazy for feeling that way? 

Let me be clear: there is NO connection whatsoever with my extremely clean, somewhat uptight, totally Type A personality and the need to clean this dishwasher. BELIEVE ME. I have been ignoring the issue for weeks months. 

The blasted machine does a pretty terrible job of cleaning my dishes, but it's decent enough to use. So we use it. In fact, Kevin has taught me to really use the dishwasher. I was the clean-before-putting-in-the-dishwasher type of person. Pointless, I tell you. Also, he's taught me a little detergent goes a long way. Good to know. 

All that to say, the darn dishwasher was so grotesquely discolored (with what could only be mold and mildew) I could ignore it no longer. 

So I strapped on some gloves, grabbed a scouring pad, Clorox scouring powder, and straight up bleach and went to work. The scouring did not work. I was irritated. Bring it on, you blasted grime! I poured 100% bleach into the detergent compartments and let it run it full cleaning cycle. 

I have never seen such a beautiful sight in all my life in the last hour!

Now, just don't let it happen again, Dishwasher. 

Does anyone else hate cleaning things that are supposed to clean things???????? 

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  1. I hate cleaning the washing machine, though I don't think it's even remotely as gross. It just seems, as you say, counterintuitive. I don't have a dishwasher...yet. :o)

  2. I do,I do,I so dooooo!

  3. Hmm- I had not thought about cleaning the dishwasher by pouring in some bleach- and it worked? It didnt hurt the plastic coated racks? I'll have to give it a try! I also hate really cleaning my kitchen sink. I use Soft Scrub on it and am always amazed and pleased how pretty it looks.

    I hope things are going well with you! Im still enjoying your Soak CD!

  4. Andrea, I'm not really sure of the affect the bleach will have on the parts of the machine...hmmm. Hopefully not worse than it already was. :)


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