January 25, 2011

The One with the Letter of Love

The glory of God is a man fully alive. [St. Iranaeus]
A letter of thanks.

Dear Kevin, 

I think you know by now how wholly and passionately I love you. But, my husband, I truly believe without your incredible love for me, I wouldn't have the capacity for such a love. God has given you an enormous responsibility--to love me as Christ loved the Church. I can say with complete honesty that you are the greatest embodiment of Christ in my life.

Watching you become a man of God is such a privilege. You have such fire for His Word, such a passion for His people. Following you as you walk in faith toward a foreign land shows me your deepest heart--obedience to Christ no matter the cost. We may feel like Abraham and Sarah at times, but holding hands and seeking the voice of the Lord is all He has called us to. I never would have dreamed we would be on this journey. But it is true discipleship, and I would have it no other way.

Thank you for loving me. Just me. All of me. You accept my whole being without making exceptions or corrections, and you encourage me to do the same. You see the woman God created me to be, and you love me enough to walk alongside me as I journey to that wholeness. 

You have made my heart come fully alive. God sees and rejoices. 

Walking with you, 


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  1. I do have to say...we look hott (yes, with two 't's) in that picture.

    I love you too...probably more than you know, but I have a while to explain it to you.


  2. Such a wonderful post!!

    And a FANTASTIC, HOTT:) picture!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I agree what a fantastic photo!!! Where did you have that taken? and what fine event was that taken at?


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