January 5, 2011

The One with Our Christmas Day

I am ashamed to see that I haven't yet posted our Christmas Day pictures and memories. It was a quite a fun filled, food filled, family filled day! Kevin and I arrived at my parents' house on Christmas Eve (well, technically Christmas Day) at 12:45am. We were exhausted, but so happy to see mom and have a few minutes to enjoy the twinkling lights. We quickly climbed into bed and fell fast asleep. 

Christmas morning dawned bright and clear--perfect for a run. :) I wasn't going go out for a run on the 25th but when it was 8am and everyone was still asleep, I thought it was the perfect opportunity. Of course, after showering, I climbed back into my pajamas in order to encompass the tradition of Christmas. 


Ash arrived home at 9:30 am quickly followed by Chuck and Grams. I played Santa and passed out the mounds of gifts--mom and dad are way too generous, I must say. :D We spent the next couple hours enjoying everyone spoils, having a few good laughs, and drinking hot tea. After that, I flew into overdrive. The rest of my mom's extended family would be arriving in just three hours--there was so much to do! 

I put in the ham in the oven. chopped the Velveeta cheese for the salsa dip, Kevin went to work on the meat and cheese tray, mom set up a beautiful "table-scape," and I gathered the dozens of cookies I had baked for the event. I'm not sure how we got it all done in time and managed to have "real" clothes on, but we did! 


The rest of the day was lovely--we ate and ate and ate until we could eat no more. We caught up on everyone's lives. And we played round after round of Catch Phrase. What a hoot with that group! 


By the end of the night, we were happy and blessed. And totally exhausted.:) 

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? Was it quiet and peaceful or exciting and rambunctious

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  1. The table looks beautiful (and yummy!). Can I come for Christmas this year? :)

  2. I did have a wonderful Christmas!! Glad you did too - it looked like a feast!

  3. your christmas food spread looks so good! thanks for sharing your Christmas day on Wed WAlk! :)

  4. thanks so much, Ladies! It was quite a feast that's for sure. :D So glad to hear you all had a wonderful Christmas too!!


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