January 7, 2011

The One with the Long Post for the Long Thursday

Thursday was a lovely (and totally packed) day. After a productive early morning of cleaning, making breakfast and lunch for my husband before his sub job, a great workout, and a delicious bowl of oatmeal, I headed out to accomplish our weekly grocery shopping. I have to admit, I really really enjoy grocery shopping. Thanks to Meijer, Aldi, and the local farmer's market, I had a trunk full of produce and money left in my wallet. :) My favorite thing? Spending $17 at Meijer and saving $22. woot. 

After munching on a fresh Braeburn apple the size of my face, I stopped in for my weekly Bible study with Brandy--one of our teen's mom, who also happens to be a great friend. :) Upon arriving home, I unpacked our blessings of abundant food, made myself some lunch, enjoyed conversation with my husband and waited for our friends to arrive. 

And what had been far too long, we had finally managed to schedule an evening with Britt and Nick. We had such an awesome time hanging out with them. The boys instantly starting chatting about their newest computer game obsession and played ping pong, while Britt and I talked for an hour straight before starting dinner. The four of us (mostly me and Brittney) prepared two homemade pizzas for our evening meal and had a blast playing Scene It: Friends Edition

While playing we discovered the following to be true: 
1. After at least 8 countless times of watching all 10 seasons of Friends, we still can't answer all of these questions. Guess we have some work left to do. :)
2. Britt, Kevin, and I are all stereotypical firstborns (i.e. reading the rules, watching the rules segment of the dvd, enforcing the rules, etc). Poor, Nick. teehee.
3. The same three people mentioned in number 2 should have a big advantage in the game given the extra year we've been watching. But Nick totally schooled all of us. 
4. If you haven't seen all 10 seasons at least bajillion times, this game is really no fun. 
5. But the opposite is also true. :D 

Later that night, they taught us to play Krokenol--a sweet Canadian game that's totally easy to learn, super hard to master, and awesomely fun to play. (Apparently, I'm being sponsored by the game to say that. No, I'm really not. It's just that cool.)

Around 9pm, we all figured it was time to say goodbye. And then we proceeded to stand at the door and talk about marriage and it's complications for the next hour and a half. It was seriously SO good. It made us all realize we're really not alone in this thing. Other people understand, they've been there, they're going through that.  Hearing Nick's side makes me realize a lot of the things about Kevin are just an across-the-board-guy-thing. (As does reading For Women Only. So good.)  And watching Britt nod along as the boys describe our behaviors or as I say how I feel about something tells me two things--

1) we're good friends!
2) we're A LOT alike.
3) we're women and we have that across-the-board-girl-thing going on as well. 

It's nice to know we're not alone. 
Looking forward to a girls' weekend!

note: none of us look like this anymore. This was almost 3 and half years ago. We're all grown ups now. :D This means we need a new friends picture. 


  1. you guys do look like that! ha

  2. I'm the only one who looks the most different...Mel has layered hair but its the same length, Nick doesn't wear a Gotea anymore on purpose, and is a few lbs less, Kevin looks a bit the same plus some facial hair, and my hair is like 7 inches longer!!!

  3. For the record: Nick did school all of us but I still won!!!

  4. What a sweet time!! I LOVE nights like that!! :)

  5. LOL yes, Britt was totally the winner--my bad!

    And I'm thinking we all have a bit more maturity to our look. :D


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