January 25, 2011

The One with a Flash of My Future

Top Ten {Tuesday} 
Top Ten Ways I Got a Glimpse into My Future 

This morning was just dandy--everything going according to plan my desire. Or not! The first two hours of my day gave me a vision of what the rest of my life will be like--you know, once my days are filled with our offspring throwing a wrench in my lovely little schedule. Of course, it'll be worth it and probably a good thing to rid myself of my fairly self-centered lifestyle

1. As I'm cozy in bed, still fighting with the reality that the alarm clock was close to buzzing, I heard Kevin down the hall. He was shouting, "No! No!" and then the bright hallway lights turned out, shining into my sleepy eyes. The cat was throwing up

2. I rolled over and pretended I was none the wiser. 

3. After my workout, I came upstairs with a plan to head to the shower. Kevin beat me to it

4. I came up with an alternate plan--eat breakfast. 

5. As I was toasting my cinnamon raisin bagel and dreaming of spreading it with Nutella, I realized the trash can was overflowing

6. I took out the trash, only to realize the bag was leaking some sort of liquid all over the kitchen floor. 

7. Grabbing a rag, I began wiping up the mess. It was at this point that I almost stepped in a pile of cat poop conveniently located on the floor entrance into the cat's bathroom. 

8. The litter box was overflowing, and someone decided it was high time we did something about it. Thanks, Cat.

9. Still donning my sweaty workout clothes and ignoring the fact that my bagel has been done for 15 minutes, I dumped a billion pounds of cat poo and swept up $11 worth of kitty litter from the floor. (Why can't they just shake their feet off in the litter box?!)

10. At this point, I had no other choice than to sweep the entire kitchen floor and then pull out the hated mop bucket for a thorough cleaning. I had been putting this off for weeks, knowing that the wintertime does nothing but make my floor dirty again in moments. 

If you have any doubts of the accounts of my morning, just ask my husband. He can attest to this story in it's entirety. (Oh! Except don't tell him I was awake while he was cleaning up cat vomit!)

Do you ever have mornings like this?! (or a hundred times worse?)

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  1. lol Oh yeah, definitely have those mornings. Sometimes once a week, sometimes less...sometimes they just roll along together for a few days in a row :)

    We only have one kid and we are too selfish for a second -- I want to stay sane, what can I say? ;)

    I am so with you on the cat's battle. They are evil. How they get a pound of kitty litter in our bed when the litter box is two rooms away, I just don't get. And the perfect puke placement on the floor so you have to step in it when you wake up. Awesome.

    Just can't let all the funk get to you and carry on throughout the day. Shake it off, laugh about it and tell yourself this is going to be the best day of the year ;)

  2. Tiffany--what a great comment! You had me laughing the whole way. :D Thanks for sympathizing. I'm on my way to enjoying my day!

  3. Yucky cats are evil i Sooo agree, thats why you have kids and not cats!

  4. I think children are easier than pets any day, but there are still days that plans get changed from the moment you're awakened. Hope the rest of your week has less surprises for you.

  5. That's pretty bad. I hate mopping the kitchen floor. We just got a shark (steam mop). I suggest you get one.


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