January 10, 2011

The One with the Perfect Power

Isn't it amazing how God works? He often asks me to be patient, to wait on his sovereign timing. He wants me to trust in His plan for my life and enjoy the journey as He leads me. I must not rush ahead, being over-eager to see around the corner. It will come. 

Wait patiently on the Lord. He hears your cries. 

At the precise moment when I am weakest, God shows His strength. He waits for me to get the point when I'm not striving--trying to do everything in my power to achieve a result. When I finally reach the point of frailty, then the Lord's power and glory will be evident when he comes to my rescue. 

Why do I doubt? How can I wait so long to admit inadequacy and my need for Him?

Can anyone relate? 

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  1. I can relate. His power is made perfect in our weakness and we don't always see it until we are at our weakest!

  2. I can so relate it's unreal. Mel, we (the Body of Christ, not just the you's and us') are in a season of faithfulness. Being faithful with a little brings reward. We don't have a lot right now, but we're trying our best to be faithful with it. Of course, trying and striving are two very different things. it's about our hearts in the trying, isn't it? if we're TRYING with our mind and our understanding, to sort everything out with our prideful self-righteous hearts, then there won't be a reward. But, if we're TRYING in FAITH - lighting the lamp within us - knowing God will show up, then we see God's power manifest however He wants...the best part? How HE wants is better than what we hope for. No matter what! Love you, Mel! Keep it up, lady. you are a beautiful bride for the Lord.

  3. so glad to know I'm not alone in this journey. Blessings on you girls!!!


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