January 28, 2011

The One with the [5 minute] Women

On this wonderful wintery Friday, I am joining The Gypsy Mama and others on a Five Minute Friday post. The prompt: "The Women."


These past couple days have been a day of "The Women"--just Mom and me. It's been lovely, really. Dad is on a Utah trip with the guys, skiing his little heart out, and mom wanted some company. I was happy to oblige for a few days. I arrived Thursday morning at 11:30 and we hit the ground running. Well, not really. We had no place to go, no plans made. It was "whatever we feel like doing" day. Excellent. 

The first thing we felt like doing was eating lunch at Steak N Shake. Burger, small fries, and small drink (The "Snack Pack") for $2.79? Heck yes! TWO hours later, we finally decided it was time to leave. The conversation had been so sweet, so non-stop, neither of us wanted to call it quits.:) 

Side note: Have any of you been around 2 women who haven't been together in a month or more? It's one topic after another and back again in rapid fire succession. We had one general topic of conversation with at least 45 different tributaries--all of which were necessary to the main discussion. So fun, but so hard to keep track of. 

Since then, we've bought picture frames and developed wall hangings together. 
Skyped from room to room. 
And enjoyed a few too many chocolate chip cookies. 

Sounds like a perfect day in the life of "The Women." 


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  1. Yes, it was awesome for me too, Mel. I just didn't want the time together to end. It always goes way too fast.


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