August 2, 2010

The One with My First 10K

Friends, I did it. 
I feel so accomplished. 
This morning, for the first time ever, I ran 6 straight miles. 
That's a 10k!
(I think "10k" sounds much more impressive, don't you?)
You may remember me asking if you thought it was possible for me to run 6 miles
Many of you encouraged me. 
Somewhere within me I knew I could do it. 
It was a mental game. 
One of which I was scared to death (not literally). 
The thought of running for an HOUR was extremely frightening to me. 
Why? I don't know. 
But it was daunting. 
I was so comfortable with my little 5k paths. 
But last week I started challenging myself. 
Changing my route. 
Not being afraid of going longer than 3 miles. 
Venturing out into the 4 mile field. 
And I was surprised to find that I felt invigorated. 
Excited about it, even! 

Last evening as my husband and I dropped off some fresh produce to Sara
(that's another exciting--at least for me--story for another day)
I decided to channel my courage. 
I asked if he thought I could make the 6 mile round trip run to Sara's house and back.
He said "definitely" without any hesitation.
"Just take it at a little bit of a slower pace than you usually do."
So this morning, at 6:30am, 
I laced up my shoes, 
grabbed my cell phone, 
and said, "I'm doing it. 
I'm running to Kyle and Sara's--
just so you know where to find me if you have to scrape me off the asphalt."
(I really did say that.)

And off I went. 
I started off breathing more heavily than usual.
It was nerves. 
I was starting to psych myself out. 
But somewhere along the way--probably on that first seemingly endless hill on US12--
I settled into a groove. 
And I actually enjoyed the rest of the run. 
I stopped for 2 minutes at the half way point just to be sure I could make it back--
another 3 miles. 

I did it. 
Over the countless hills.
(It's really hilly in these parts.)
And despite my fear. 
I accomplished a goal.

And I already have one of my best friend's mom challenging me to train for a half marathon and then a full.
She says if she can do it at her age, I can definitely handle it. 
The fear is already creeping in as I type. 
I think I'll take the challenges slowly.
But this time I believe I can do it!


  1. Stumbled across your blog today, and browsed around, I am in love with your honest and sweet writing style. I admire your dedication to running! Congratulations on your accomplishment!

  2. that is so awesome! YEAH FOR YOU!!! I worked out tonight for the first time in a few months. hoping my body can handle it... I so badly want to get working out again! great job!

  3. That's awesome! You go! You're a better woman than me :)


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