August 14, 2010

The One with the Preferences

I am territorial. 
I don't get mean and catty about it, but I am definitely particular about my areas. 
Examples include the following:
my desk at work. 
(though I got over that one. 
Just needed time to get comfortable at all of the desks.)
my pew at church. 
(though that's more out of habit than anything. 
but please don't try to steal it.)
my shower at camp.
(it took me quite some time to find the shower perfect for my liking. 
but I found it.
and I love it. 
and this morning--my last morning at camp--someone was using MY shower.
I know, can you believe it?!)

I'm not sure why I'm all territorial like some sort of wild animal.
But I guess it says I'm loyal. 
I'm a creature of habit. 
I like predictability. 
And comfort.  

It's kind of embarrassing admitting such trivial selfishness to you all. 
But it's a freeing experience as well. 
Assuming the whole world doesn't start mocking me over this. 
I have sensitive feelings, you know. 


  1. I get mad when someone is using my stall at work... I always pic the same stall, and I always park in the same area when I go to places with large parking lots.

  2. we are more alike than we realize hah :)

  3. I am really territorial about my house... my kitchen is the most embarrassing. I don't mind when people ask if they can help out and I let them... but when people come in and take over, change a recipe or change the menu or want to put too much input into the menu I freak out. lol.


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