July 30, 2010

The One with the "World's Largest Rummage Sale"

You may remember my love of garage sales
Rummage sales. 
Yard sales. 
Consignment shops. 
Anything second hand?
I'm all about it. 

Well, the largest church in our conference hosts the world's most gigantic rummage sale every July. 
I've looked forward to it every since I had my first taste of it's amazingness in 2005. 
This is a garage sale guru's heaven. 
Prices are super low. 
Inventory is categorized, mapped out, and sorted beautifully. 
And get this--
all of the proceeds go directly to world missions!
So you can't even feel guilty about spending money because it's going to one of the most noble causes. 

All the way back in May, I had requested off Thursday, July 29th. 
I needed the day, people.
This sale is not for the faint of heart. 
I arrived a few minutes before the doors opened at 9am, 
and the parking lot was already filled to capacity. 

With the rush of shoppers, I headed into the book room. 
The book lover's gold mine. 
All books were 75 cents and after about a half hour, I had a box full of 17 books totaling $12.75--the cost of one inexpensive book at retail cost. 
I found another copy of Tolkein's The Silmarillion and The Hobbit
(I was really really hoping for the Lord of the Rings trilogy as ours in literally broken apart at the binding.)
C.S. Lewis' Perelandra.
Karen Kingsbury's Like Dandelion Dust
(which, I hear, is being made into a movie.)
I overheard someone asking about her books and the lady said, "I know there's one over here."
And I said, "I think I have it!" 
*sly grin*
I picked up two Bibles--one a devotional Bible for couples and one with notes by Max Lucado. 
(Bibles for $0.75?! I mean, really?)
I found a couple of Bronte classics, 
and a collection of the Browning Poetry.
(Kevin doesn't know Elizabeth Barret or Robert Browning.
What in the?!)

Today, I went back for more. 
Mostly because I knew more books and merchandise would have surfaced and prices would be even lower. 
Sure enough books were just a quarter today! 
I found 7 more!
Devotionals by Billy Graham and Corrie Ten Boom. 
The Swiss Family Robinson. 
(I loved that movie as a kid!)

Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis 
(Heard it was great. No idea what it's about. 

But I really love Bell's stuff.)
More success. Excellent. 

I also managed to procure about 4 sweaters, some blouses, a jean jacket, a fall trench coat, and a pair of black slacks for me; 
a dress shirt and 4 awesome ties plus 2 great polos for Kevin;
AND four pairs of amazing shoes (nearly new, perfect fit, irresistibly adorable) and 4 purses/bags (once again: nearly new, perfect fit, irresistibly adorable).
I kind of have a purse fetish. 
But I figure it's not a terrible thing when I get them all for under a dollar. 
And realizing I can buy 30 purses for the cost of one in the department stores?
I'll take it! 

I finally own an apron!  
I snagged an offset (frosting) spatula--Wilton Brand, 
a couple beautiful tumbler glasses*, 
and a mug and a couple random miscellaneous items for my husband who loves random miscellaneous items.

*By the way, we've decided to become those people with the awesome mismatched collection of glassware.
I mean, what fun is having all of the same glasses.
"They" say you can mix and match your table settings.
So I say that goes for glasses.
And besides, my husband has some crazy obsession with cool glasses.
Every time we're anywhere and he sees a new drinking glass, he wants it.
It's hilarious and awesome at the same time. 

When I went back for me this morning, I detoured at a friend's yard sale. 
She had some fantastic clothing items--but after seeing the church's really super cheap prices, hers seemed steep. 
I did manage to get a brand new Spring Arbor sweatshirt and three cute tops for $7. 
I'll call that a win. 
Especially after I spent $1.75 on 7 books. 

I love rummage sales, did you know that? 


  1. sounds like a sale that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! some great book finds! good job! :)

  2. You where on a role! It sounds so much fun to go to something as big as that. When you said the two simple words "book room" I thought I had died and gone to heaven. How amazing!

    Oh, and I absolutly love the name of your blog! It's really cute. :-)


  3. I hate garage sales, but I like having friends who have babies and then don't fit into their clothes!!! Jennie gave me a huge selection of clothes to go through and I ended up with about 15 shirts, 2 skirts, 1 dress, 2 dress pants, and 4 or 5 pairs of Jeans - Capri's/shorts/pants!

  4. Hi Mel. This is your mom and I already wrote the date on my calendar for next years rummage sale. I will not miss it barring some life-threatening event. Can't wait to do that with you.


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