August 7, 2010

The One that's Slow to Speak

I love it when I make people laugh. 
And when they're laughing at what I intentionally said or did. 
Not just because I did something totally lame and ridiculous and "Melanie-esque" which evoked the laughter. 
That just upsets me. 
But that's another story entirely.
This story is about my love of quick wit.

No, I'm not typically classified as the class clown. 
I'm not always the main event. 
Most people who know me probably wouldn't peg me as such. 
I do, however, enjoy my (occasionally impressive) quick wit. 
When I can come up with a snappy comeback in a split second and the crowd reacts, I feel pretty darn good about myself. 
But after my devotional reading the other day, 
I suddenly realized what that quick wit implied. 
I am boldly ignoring the commandment given in James 1:9.
Everyone should be quick to listen, 
slow to speak, 
and slow to become angry


I'm not that professional at any of those things. 
Quick wit is valued in our culture. 
And I don't think there's anything wrong with humor.
In fact, I think God thoroughly enjoys our laughter and our senses of humor. 
I know there have been plenty of times that I've responded in haste (in order to be funny) and immediately regretted the words that had left my mouth. 
But alas, once spoken, words cannot be taken back. 
Sure, I can apologize, but if I would act out the James command of thinking first I would save the listener some heartache and myself some extreme shame and embarrassment. 

Jesus really does know what is best for us. 
He's looking out for our hearts. 
And by doing so we will glorify Him, in all we do and say--
including the humor! 


  1. :) great post. a lesson for us all!

  2. I value quick wit like our culture a little too much too and while I LOVE humor, I think you're right on here. We have a tradition in our church of holding up 3 fingers when we hear gossip or quick wit at someone's expense - it's called the rule of 3. "Is it kind?" "Is it true?" "Is it necessary?" Our words have to answer "yes" to all 3 of those BEFORE we speak them. And after asking those three questions, you've definately had time to think about it like James commands:) Good post!


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