July 20, 2010

The One with the Longer Distances

I thought I had avoided it. 
But of course NOT. 
Why in the world would I think everyone around me could be sick and not pass it on to me. 
Thanks, friends. 
Thanks, a lot. 
I'm congested. 
Sore, itchy throat. 
Dry, painful cough. 
Bloody noses (4 since yesterday) as a side effect. 
Achy, shaky. 
I know I'm sick because I don't have an appetite. 
And I always have an appetite. 
But chewing just seems like too much work. 
I need to lay down and not get up for a long time. 

I'm just praying all of this subsides by Friday. 
Or Saturday at the latest. 
I'm supposed to sing in one of my best friend's wedding. 
The state my body is in is not all that conducive to making beautiful music. 
Or even to feel up to going to her "night on the town" bachelorette party. 
Sad day, Mel. 

But this morning, when I wasn't feeling so crappy, I had another running achievement.
I've been pushing myself since Friday. 
I realized it was about time I get over my thought process--
that I can only run 3 miles.
And that I'll always have to stop halfway through. 
Now, I completely believe that running is a mental sport. 
If I tell myself, "Self, I'm going to run here and back and not stop."
Then, gosh darn it, I achieve my goal.

But if I say, "Oh good, Self, the halfway point is in sight. Time for a break."
Suddenly I can't catch a breath and I feel like I'm about to die. 

Friday, one of my teens wanted to run with me. 
She made it about mile and then decided to head back.
Running with a partner made me realize how keeping my mind off of the negatives made the experience enjoyable. 
I added an extra half mile or so that day. 
No problem. 

The next day I was at Kevin's parents' house and I decided I needed to conquer the dirt road next to their home. 
This road is torturous. 
The entire stretch is hill after hill. 
It's mountainous almost.   
Brian and I had run it together 3 years ago. 
In 30 minutes.
And almost died. 
But Saturday I decided I could tackle it.
I ran to the end and back in 24 minutes. 
TWENTY FOUR minutes, people. 
On Hilly McHillerson Rd. 
I was proud. 

That brings me to today. 
I had already tried out a new circular route on Monday and enjoyed it. 
So today I added a couple side streets to the route. 
Turns out I ran about 4 miles in under 34 minutes.
Not too shabby. 

I'm totally excited to be over my fear of longer distances
and more time running.
I'd like to work up to 6 miles. 
A 10K. 
I know I can handle it. 
And I'd like to get there by the time my days at camp run out. 
Think I can do it? 
I do!


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