August 29, 2010

The One with the Hammock Hazards

And now for the real life tales of real life hilarity. 
All of which took place on the wonderfully peaceful retreat of which I have just written. 

One afternoon while spending hours drinking tea, 
lounging in the heaven-sent lounge chairs 
(seriously, I have GOT to get me some of those!)
reading good books, and dozing occasionally, 
Melanie decided to try out the appealing looking hammock. 
Who doesn't love some good hammock time, after all. 
So she sat down quite strategically. 
Working hard to place herself precisely in the center of the swinging rope bed. 
She was giggling a bit along the way, knowing her tendencies for uncoordination. 
Right when she was feeling confident in the placement of her rear end, 
she lifted her feet off the ground and swung abruptly backwards. 
Melanie found herself perfectly perpendicular to the cement. 
Feet in the air.
Hands grasping desparately to hold her on. 
Laughter escaping her mouth with every breath. 
It was hilarious.

And what was Kevin doing?
Why, he was laughing at his wife, of course!  
After a few moments of "help" being interspersed with the giggles, 
Kevin got up and pulled her to safety. 

Little did either of them know--the older pastor staying in the Manor was in the kitchen at the time. 
Watching--and enjoying--the whole thing transpire. 

The other cool story actually occurred earlier that same day. 
Kevin suggested the two play some pool.
It had been at least 4 years since Melanie had touched a pool stick, and nearly as long for Kevin. 
Neither of them had ever been any good, 
but Melanie was particularly terrible. 
She always liked to think she was a pool shark because her dad's awesome, 
but knowing how to play a game does NOT mean you're good at it. 

So the two of them grabbed a cue, and started taking their turns. 
After a few rounds, Kevin announced, 
"I do NOT remember you being this good!"
Grinning from ear to ear, Melanie replied, "Thank you!
and...I wasn't!" :)

The same thing happened later that night during the ping pong tournament. 
Seriously, there wasn't a return Melanie couldn't make. 
It was as if some ultra talent bestowed itself upon her--if for a only a round.
And then promptly disappeared.

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