August 22, 2010

The One with the Life Saving Overnighter

I may or may not have gone to bed at 9pm Thursday night.
And even 9 felt much too late.
I had been exhausted since 3pm or so.
I think.
(Scratch that--I know I have been on the verge of passing out since then.)
But it was all for a great cause. 
Our most recent youth group overnighter. 
Yes, that's right. 
Three days after getting home from camp, we host an all night party. 
Some people call us crazy. 
Some people think us weird. 
But it's exactly where God has wants us. 

This was the perfect time for a big, awesome event like this. 
Just before the start of school.
And right after the To Save a Life movie came out on dvd. 
You may have heard of this movie sweeping America's theaters. 
Changing lives.
Making people realize that what they do (or fail to do) has an affect on the lives of others.
We have the power to break down a person. 
Tear them apart limb for limb.
Whether it's physically fighting them or treating them like they're lesser human beings or not standing up for them in front of our peers or simply ignoring them. 
Day after day. 
We--and our teens--have the power to destroy life
or foster a rich life.

How hard would you fight?
How far would you go? 
How much would you risk?
To save a life.

Those were the questions this poignant film posed to our riveted teenagers. 
Each student was gripped throughout each scene.
Some moments were funny, 
most were "intense" (in their words.) 
Deep, frightening teenage issues were addressed. 
Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. Dating. Gossip. Cutting. Divorce. Pregnancy. Abortion. Suicide. 
These are real life issues
And our youth deal with them each day at school.

Many said they were moved to tears. 
Prayerfully, most of them recognized the good or evil their words and actions (or lack thereof) can have on others. 

And before and after the soul searching film, there were hours of fun.
Enormous amounts of a good fun. 
Crazy games of "ninja."
Girls giggling, screaming, running through our halls. 
Boys playing video games on the projector screen and frisbee first thing in the morning.

No, there was not much sleep. 
But there was great fun.
Delicious cinnamon rolls. 
And a gathering of teenagers--many of whom would not darken the doors of a church. 
What an honor, a high responsibility we have.


  1. Wow Mel, that movie sounds like a must-see for everyone. I didn't know you were having an all nighter with the teens. You are a brave woman. Way to go in serving the Lord and having such a passion for the teens. Love you, Mom

  2. Very cool... everything except Kevin's pants. Those were just way too....something... for someone his age to be wearing.


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