August 13, 2010

The One with What She's Learned This Summer

::It's okay to say "no." In fact, it's even healthy. I don't have to do everything in order to know I'm loved, appreciated, or valued.
::It's okay to admit when I'm tired and weary and need a break. Who knew I just couldn't do it all?
::Carving quality husband-wife time into my day is so important to our relationship. 
::Quality does not necessarily mean quantity. 
::Though, for me, quantity time is pretty high on my love language list. 
::Taking special notice of the extra efforts my husband makes to show me how much he loves me even when our schedules are busy equals a contented wife who is confident of her husband's love. (Rather than brushing past those little random love acts and demanding more.)  
::I really love our teens. I miss them when I'm only around them one night a week as opposed to the normal 3 or 4. 
::I have been increasingly convinced that we have followed God's call into this full time ministry.
::God provides. Always. 
::I can run 6 miles. No problem. I might just shoot for the half marathon. 
::Having to wander to the bathhouse in the middle the night is not my idea of a good time. Heck, I don't like walking down my carpeted hall at home let alone down a campground road. 
::I'm not 19 anymore.  Though I may look it, my life's stage is already far removed from the college life.
::I get annoyed and frustrated too easily.
::I really miss my bed. and my shower. and my back porch. and my kitchen. and...
::Living in an 18 foot camper for 3 months proves how few possessions life really requires. 
::Reading is an amazing use of time. Now if only I can keep my eyes from shutting so quickly.    
::Spending some serious (as in intimately intense) time with God each morning equals amazing results. I have been learning what it means to "be joyful always." 

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