June 8, 2010

The One with the Wicked Twisters

So Debbie may be a wimp, but I'm not far behind.
I've always been terrified of tornados.
Even the tornado drills we ran in school totally freaked me out.
I used to get nauseous as soon as I noticed the dark clouds and winds rolling in.
And when the undersides or whites of the leaves are showing?
Forget it.
I was a goner.
Thanks, by the way, to whoever told me that when the whites of the leaves are showing (or when the leaves are turned over) it means a storm is imminent.
I appreciate it.

Surprisingly, sometime during the last two years or so, my fears have lessened.
Not really sure why.
I think it's probably out of necessity.
I am home by myself much of the week.
And I simply had to be brave.
So I was.

That wordy intro was all to say I can't believe I slept through two tornado sirens on Saturday night.
Yeah, that's right.
If there had been an actually twister, we would have been goners--
Dororthy style.
The thought of that totally freaks me out.
So I will just think of the positive.
Instead of spending my night being scared out of my mind, I was peacefully sleeping.
Maybe not the wisest situation, but it worked out in the end.

Unfortunately, the town just 15 minutes from our real life home (not the camper that would have blown away with high winds) was devastated by tornadoes that ravaged through the town.
As we drove home for church Sunday the main road was blocked off.
Road closed.
We had just heard about the tornadoes and were able to make a detour.
But it was sad as we passed trees and telephone poles and roofs scattered haphazardly around yards and farms and businesses.
I'm so thankful we were spared the devastation.
And praying that the towns affected will rebuild quickly.

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  1. I have actually become more fearful over the last few years (since I've had a child). I have never been scared of storms. I watched hurricanes in our town on my parents' front porch, but now I'm terrified of tornados. Just tornados b/c they are so unpredictable and there seems to be so little you can do. I hope the town that was affected is able to recover quickly! A town just about 45 mintues from us had a tornado hit their high school a couple of years ago and some children and teachers where killed. Awful! I'm thankful my God is bigger than the weather, right?


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