June 29, 2010

The One with the Lovely Monday

Monday was great.
(slash: really not good, but that'll come later.)
First of all, I soaked in Psalm 34.
Have you read this Psalm?
I mean really read it?
Every word moves me to praise, to thank, to pursue righteousness, and to commune with my God.
It's overflowing with wisdom for every aspect of life.
Go, read it now.

Donning my brand spanking new SpiritFire youth group tshirt,
I ventured down to breakfast
and enjoyed a leisurely morning of reading--
currently I'm reading another Karen Kingsbury book: Take One.
I spend an hour with the amazing Christina while she and four campers participated in "crafts class."
It was fun.
I learned to do some leather working.
I made myself a personalized bookmark.
It's awesome.
After more reading and enjoying the breeze and warmth of the day,
I helped stock the new drinks in the Trading Post.
Starbucks Frappuccino. Double shots. Sobes. Lipton teas. 
Talk about good merchandise. 

In the afternoon, I ran into Kevin (no, not literally) who was about to take the camp van on a field trip. 
Well, specifically, he needed to make a 30 minute trip to the shop that supplies and repairs our RC cars for youth camp classes. 
Kevin's boss (who happens to be our friend too), said I could tag along. 
So I figured "why not?!"
At this point, I'm relishing the time together, 
and quickly realizing my husband is not well.
He wasn't himself. 
He was complaining of a headache. 
(Which he never has.)
And willingly taking medicine.
(Which he never does.)
He hadn't eaten much all day and had downed 4 large water bottles in the morning alone. 

I knew he wasn't fit for driving a 15 passenger van very defensively in the state of mind he was (or wasn't) in. 
He immediately agreed that it was a good idea to have me drive to our next stop. 
As we headed back to camp, I told him to relax and close his eyes.
He fell asleep instantly. 

Later that evening, after supper, Kevin still said he wasn't feeling well. 
I encouraged him to rest up before vespers. 
On our way up to the camper, 
we stopped to have the nurse check his temperature. 
I had seen goosebumps on his arms numerous times all day long. 
And it was 85 degrees out! 
I knew he had the flu. 
Sure enough, his temp was 101.5. 
Uber high for an adult--especially high for Mr. I'm Never Sick. 
That was that. 
No more fun and games for my boy. 
No more work, either. 
He laid on the couch and slept for 2 hours. 
When he opened his eyes and started talking, 
he proved again how sick he was. 
He was delirious--talking about strange things, in a quiet subdued way. 
We went to bed early-ish. 
(That is, we went to bed "on time" which is early for camp.) 
His skin almost felt on fire to the touch. 
I was concerned.

He slept through the night for nearly 12 hours. 
He's still got a temp today.
And he's still on the couch--
not at all happy about having to miss camp. 
But I'm thankful for his fever--
fighting off the sickness
and forcing him to rest. 

Now, I realize all of that does not sound like a good day at all. 
But even though my circumstances weren't all that perfect for some of the day, 
I was thankful. 
I was in tune with Jesus. 
And I felt the truth of Psalm 34


  1. I hope he feels better soon!!

  2. lol obviously I DID read this post because I commented! I felt so bad for you and your sick hubby I forgot about the first paragraph! lol loving that psalm and I have a feeling that I'll be studying it for awhile too.


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