June 10, 2010

The One where Her Love is Back.

My husband has officially moved out to camp. 
With me. 
No more "hello. goodbye. hello. goodbye."
Even though I don't see him all that much, 
just knowing he's here,
it makes me feel whole again. 

Even if he does cramp my style a bit.
You know, I get a routine for my days, and I have change it.

It's totally worth it.


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  2. Okay - "adorkable"...ADORABLE!!! SO cute!

    Oh, when Hubby came home from Iraq it was quite an adjustment - as you said, it "cramped my style." Of course, I was thrilled to have him home, it just took some adjusting is all! Glad you have the comfort of knowing he's there - sometimes that's all it takes!

  3. CONGRATS! That is wonderful news! It is nice to have him home I bet. (I always feel like my routine gets thrown off when husband comes home too, but I'm SO GLAD to see him)

    ENjoy your weekend!


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