June 3, 2010

The One where They Memorize John

We are really looking forward to starting our second season of Bible quizzing with our teens.
I had never really heard of Bible quizzing before helping out my "professional" quizzing husband at quizzes during college. 
This program may sound a bit lame on the surface--
particularly to the students' peers.
I mean, seriously? 
You're joining an extracurricular activity that involves even more studying.
Who would want to do that?

Teens who have a passion for learning Scripture, that's who.
They're taking the challenge of "hiding God's Word in their hearts" seriously.
And I think that is so cool.
They are going to know their Bible's inside and out.
Having memorized verses that will give them peace,
or to combat tempations of Satan,
or to share the Good News with their friends.

And on top of all of that, the quizzing program is competitive.
Which, for most people, means totally fun!
And every month at the conference quizzes, the teens see the same peers again and again.
Friendships are established--many of which will last for years to come.

This past year was the first time our church has had a Bible quiz program in ages. 
No one really knew what we were talking about.
And no one, including Kevin and I, really knew what to expect. 
But we ended up building a team of three dedicated students.
Each month we had an absolute blast hanging out with these teens at the day long (or sometimes overnight) trips to the quizzes around the conference. 
They made us proud again and again.

And I think their enthusiasm was infectious. 
Because this next season we're going to have NINE quizzers.
What?! 200% increase! 
Yup, that's right. 
We're TOTALLY stoked about this. 
We just passed out the new quizzing material for the book of John.  
And we've challenged our veteran quizzers to memorize ALL of the quote verses this summer.
Before the new quiz season even starts!
And the new quizzers need to memorize at least 5 of the quotes. 

Get this: almost all of our new quizzers have already run up to me and spouted off this quote or that. 
And I'm so proud.
Because I feel that the quotes are one of the most essential parts of the quizzing program.
Those verses are going to be applicable for life.
And, if memorized properly, they will never leave you.
Which means you have the living Word of God dwelling within you and ready to be used at any moment.
It's so cool when God brings the perfect verse to mind.
And that's only possible if we have it hidden away in our hearts.

Which is why Kevin and I are taking the quote verse challenge this summer as well.
I already have through chapter six memorized!
But now that the summer's started, I'm realizing it will take serious focus and dedication. 
So here's to memorizing! 

May 26
John 1:1-2
John 1:12-13
John 1:14

June 2
John 3:3
John 3:16-17
John 3:36

June 9
John 4:13-14
John 4:24
John 4:34-35

June 16
John 6:27
John 6:35
John 6:68-69

June 23
John 7:37-38
John 8:12
John 8:31-32

June 30
John 8:36
John 10:9-10
John 10:14-15

July 7
John 11:25-26
John 12:25-26
John 13:34-35

July 14
John 14:1-2
John 14:6
John 14:12

July 21
John 14:23
John 14:26
John 14:27

July 28
John 15:1-2
John 15:5
John 15:7-8

August 4
John 15:13
John 16:13
John 16:33

August 11
John 17:3
John 17:17
John 19:17-18

August 18
John 20:21
John 20:28-29
John 20:31

August 25
John 21:25


  1. I love Bible Quiz! I teach Junior Bible Quize at our church and it rocks! The kids (and I!) learn SOOOOO much and the competition part of it is fun!

  2. Aack! My girls are still reviewing Corinthians for nationals! Should I start praying now that they don't have to compete against one of your teams in the fall? ;-)

    Good for you and Kevin for joining in the challenge! (And may I just say that Kevin is one of my favorite quizmasters, too!)

    I'm really hoping that we will get more kids interested in quizzing this year. It is so encouraging to me to see so many kids each month who have studied so hard and memorized so much of God's word.

  3. awesome! I hope you continue to post the verses to memorize- it is something I have always felt important to do- but was overwhelmed by deciding WHICH verses. Any suggestions? Do you put sticky notes around your house or carry note cards and pull them out when you are waiting at a stoplight? :) Id love to hear your suggestions and hope you continue to post more verses- I want to take the challenge.


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