June 11, 2010

The One with Blue Slushies

We're looking into the iPhone package. 
This would be replacing our internet/phone/cable or cell bill. 
Which, according to my calculations, would actually even out financially. 
The only thing is, this is ATT and my family is on Verizon. 
And I need to be able to talk to my unlimitedly. 
Is that even a word? 
Does ATT have a family circle plan or was that Verizon? 
Also, has this little device come out yet?: where you can use your 3G phone network as internet for you home computers? 
Or am I making that up?
Any opinions on this?

It's late. 
Working until 10 is a little stretch for this early to bed, early to rise girl. 
But working with girls who are great makes it enjoyable. 

Also, six year old girls with curly hair and a penchant for chatter are quite entertaining when business is slow in the camp store. 

I may have eaten too many Tootsie Rolls today. 

I am loving the accidental realization of ICED green tea. 

Kevin and I need to play some tennis tomorrow morning. 
We BOTH have the day off.
This is me, totally stoked.

My eyes are glazing over.
I should go now. 


  1. Get the iphone. My husband and I can hardly wait until our contract is up so we can switch to the iphone. Either that or a droid, but he's waited long enough for that iphone.

    Sorry. Not much help!


  2. Hi, I came across your blog through the next blog button up top. your blog is really cute. I cant help with the cell phone issue as im probably the only person in america who doesnt use one. lol.
    I hope you dont mind if i follow you.


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