June 28, 2010

The One with His First Sermon

Yesterday was Sunday. 
Which means church. 
Which, for us, means our "work day."
This is normal. 
No biggie. 
Except that the two of us were totally in charge of the entire service. 
We had another adult helping leading the hymn sing, 
but other than that the fate of the morning worship service lay in our hands. 
I was nervous.
Were we really capable? 
What would the people think?
Would we totally ruin everything?
What if we forgot something really important?
What if 
What if
What if. 

Kevin was asked a few weeks ago to preach. 
He accepted whole heartedly. 
I knew he would do a great job. 
I had full confidence. 
But I really wasn't sure what to expect.
It was his first sermon. ever. 
And it was in front of a congregation who has seen many pastors and heard many sermons in their day. 
I was just really not sure.
And besides that I was imagining the Media Shout program breaking down. 
Or him not being able to get through all his prepared material.

He FAR exceeded my expectations. 
I heard nothing but glowing remarks from the parishoners. 
And I really believe they were genuine. 
Kevin spoke articulately. 
He was thought-provoking. 
And precise. 
And somehow managed to get through 19 slides in 20 minutes 
and never once did I feel like he was rushing. 
He threw in a few jokes. 
And I heard the audience respond. 
And I saw many heads nodding. 
I was thankful. 

The only sad part about the whole thing? 
I had decided not to video tape it because it was going to be audio recorded on cd. 
I thought that was perfect. 
But as the sound tech hit "finish" ont he cd recording it said "error" 
and he discovered the recording had been lost. 
Kevin's first sermon will never be heard again. 
I was really hoping I could have it for posterity. 
And for our parents to hear. 
But God works for the good of those who love him.
And I know he has a purpose in all things.

My heart was in prayer throughout the service. 
From the announcements.
To the music. 
To the offering. 
And through the sermon. 
And Praise be to God for his guidance and his hand on that morning. 
I wonder if it was a glimpse into the rest of our lives. :)


  1. That's so wonderful! What a blessing!

  2. I'm so glad it went well! What a great experience for you guys!


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