June 21, 2010

The One with the "5K"

I feel rather accomplished. 
I successfully ran the 5K path around Somerset this morning. 
The route is mapped out for our annual Somerset Stampede-5K and Marathon in August. 
I have yet to participate in any kind of organized run
though I have been doing the 5K thing regularly since college. 
I never ever in a million trillion years thought I would be a "runner."
I don't have an athletic bone in my body.
Or at least I never thought I did. 
But seriously, the mere contemplation of running was almost nauseating to me. 
I couldn't imagine running. 
For longer than 5 seconds.
For "fun."
And I still don't think of myself as a runner. 

But here I am. 
And I've even seen improvement over the years.
Well, I didn't know I had improved until Kevin went running with me this winter.
It had been a couple years since he ran with me.
And he was shocked at how much faster I was running. 
I had no clue I was speeding up.
But it was nice to know.
I'm still only at an 8 minute mile 
(slower out on the hills around camp.)
But I'm proud of myself.

And after last week's impromptu trip to Walmart, 
I feel rather stylish out there.
I have awesome running/workout clothes. 
And for GREAT prices.
There really is something to be said about feeling good when you're working out.
It's motivating. 

All that to say, I ran the official 5K.
Which means I know I can run the race in August. 
Last week I tried to find the path into the woods and around the lake, 
but I totally failed. 
Today I was prepared though. 
I knew what I was looking for.
"In this general area right here."

I had to jump a fence.
And run lots of hills.
And plow through deep, wet grass. 
And muddy trails.
And spider webs.
And I battled the bugs.
But I made it.
And in three minutes less than I anticipated.
Go, me! :)


  1. Wow, that's wonderful, Melanie... congrats! I'm definitely *not* a runner. Enough said. =D

  2. haha nice! yes you should run it!

  3. Nicks mom ran a 5k this past weekend and got 1st in her age group again! It was her 2nd time in the race, and her 2nd time getting 1st!!

  4. Great job! What an accomplishment! I made a New Year's resolution in 2009 to run 3x/week, even though like you I didn't like running much at all. I realized this year that I miss it if I don't go out at least once a week. Sadly, I just can't convince Husband to enjoy it even a little. On occasion he joins me for a run/walk. Someday I'll actually join an organized run.


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