June 18, 2010

The One that's Down in the Dumps

Fridays are supposed to be fabulous, right?
I don't know what my deal is, 
but my Friday has been just plain terrible. 
I'm in a crappy mood. 
I can't seem to shake it. 
One of those moods where, if anyone so much as looks at me the wrong way, 
I may either errupt 
or break down crying. 
There's really not any good reason for this mood.
I haven't been in such a lame emotional state in quite some time.
In fact, I was beginning to think I was a downright happy person. 
(Well, aside from the steamrolling episode of Tuesday.
But let's not talk about that.)

I'm trying my darndest to climb out of this pit. 
I'm walking--
one of my favorite activities.
I'm memorizing new quote verses--
a very productive activity
and one which should only have positive affects.
I'm doing laundry--
ok, that's not really all that "helpful."
I have this morning off--
which is just plain nice, 
except for the fact that I have to work 3-10. 
And I'm not all that functional after 8. 
But I shall survive. 

I have other, much more happy news. 
Like how we went bowling last night. 
Or how I have some sweet new workout clothes. 
Or how my mom's coming next week. 
Or how I made a really great new friend. 
But I just don't think those wonderful things should be lumped in with my lousy mood.
Maybe tomorrow.
(Or later tonight. We'll see.)


  1. Sorry you're feeling down...I hate days like that.

  2. I'm jealous of your new friend

  3. I had the same kind of day Friday. I don't know what was going on but I just wasn't myself. I hope you are feeling better today! Love reading your blog!


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