June 5, 2010

The One with Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Have I mentioned how much I love camp?!
I'm totally digging my office job
(besides the whole "sit for eight hours and feel like I've gained 20lbs thing")
and we're loving our trailer abode
and seeing old friends again rocks.

Case in point:
Sara mentioned having Debbie, her husband Brian, and myself over for dinner last week.
I hadn't been to their house since I worked for them in 2005!
She couldn't believe it had been that long and neither could I.
Wednesday night rolled around and I hadn't heard anything so I just went on with my evening.
I made a sandwich for myself,
stuck it in the camper fridge,
called my mom and headed out for a stroll.

Little did I know Sara's wonderful husband, Kyle, was hunting me down to invite me to dinner.
Brian had spotted me going that-a-way.
Then Debbie saw me over there.
And I was totally oblivious to the hunt.
I wasn't trying to be elusive, but evidently I was doing a pretty god job.
Suddenly, in the middle of a conversation with my mom,
I noticed Kyle's car heading my way.
I stopped to stay hi.
And then I realized, "Did you just track me down?"
"Yeah," he smiled.
"Aww, that was so nice of you!"

I mean, seriously.
He totally did not have to hunt me down all over the far corners of camp.
They could have said, "We'll just invite her again some other time."
But no.
With a group effort falling only slightly short of government search standards, 
they found me and I was thankful.

We had a great evening together. 
Whether or not I was invited to do so, I made myself at home. 
I don't think they minded. ;) 
I love being with like-minded, closer-in-age, similar-stages-of-life friends. 
It's just plain good for the soul. 

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