June 15, 2010

The One Where My Husband ROCKS!

Today of all days is the perfect day to wear this shirt.
I mean, every day is a great opportunity to proclaim my husband's awesomeness.
But believe me when I tell you, I needed to wear this shirt today.
It's a long (and shameful) story. 
I'll just give you the nutshell version. 
It goes something like this. 

Melanie and Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning. 

(I'm ready to dive right into this story. 
But I'm really not sure how to begin. 
I think I either tell every gory detail 
or I just hit the broad generalizations.
For my own protection, I think I'll stick with the latter.) 

Basically I was selfish. 
With unmet, unattainable, unknown expectations. 
And wishes no human being should ever to have to meet. 
I was petty and prideful. 
And I was completely ashamed of myself. 
And I took all of my negative emotions out on the person I love most. 
The one who happened to be sharing a 20 foot trailer with me. 
Poor guy. 
I basically steam rolled him.
For a couple hours. 
Believe me, I really, really, really wish I were. 

But alas, my husband rocks
And he showed me Christ-like forgiveness. 
Mercy and grace.  like I didn't deserve.

In other related, yet more positive, news,
you must check out this great company. 
About a year ago I saw this adorable tshirt on Kristen's site. 
And I fell in love with it. 
This year, for our 2nd anniversary, we wanted to purchase one shirt for each of us. 
Come to find out, the 2nd anniversary is the "cotton" anniversary. 
How fitting. 

Celebrate your spouse in style. 

Union28 offers a line of designer t-shirts for husbands &
wives who want to honor each other and make 
a positive statement about marriage.

Because marriages are sacred covenants. 
Taken all too lightly in this age. 
Do you dare declare your spouse ROCKS?!

I was in no way compensated for promoting Union28. 
I just think they're an awesome company!


  1. :) we've all had mornings like that haven't we? I know there are days that I need shirt that says my hubs rocks! because he does! :)

  2. I saw the company a week or so ago on Kristens site and immediately put one of the my husband rocks tees on my birthday wish list. I love the statement they make to the world, and I love knowing that wearing it will make Husband smile.

  3. I saw them on Krisin's blog too, and have been wanting to get the tye dyed one for a while now. I need to break down and do it!

  4. Tonight, I wanted to tell Nick how dissapointed I was that he had to sleep instead of hanging out with me! But I could tell from his face he was feeling the same way too, soo I didn't say anything even tho I really wanted to complain because I was looking forward to hanging out with him all day! I consider it a personal victory!


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