April 10, 2009

The One with the Scope

I'm starving. I can't eat. Upper endoscopy at 11:30.  I'm a little nervous.  I'm going under.  I'm glad I'm going under and not just being sedated and knowing they're sticking a scope down my throat. That's just weird.  I hope I don't throw up when I wake up.  It would be just like me to throw up. I hope I'm hungry when I wake up.  I'm not sure what the results will be.  We're thinking negative on the Celiac.  But I'm certain of my gluten intolerance.  How do I know this?  If you really want to know, ask me.  


  1. Hey girl, I'll be praying for you today. My hubby had this procedure done, and he woke up pretty out of it, but not remembering much of anything (probably a blessing). I hope all goes well and you are able to get some answers! Hugs :)

  2. I will be praying for you today, Mel. I hope everything goes well and God grants the doctors wisdom to figure out what is wrong.



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