April 17, 2009

The One with the KJV

I believe I have decided to combine my recipe blog with this "main" blog.  That way NO one misses out on the goodness that comes from my kitchen or the deep, thought provoking messages I proclaim.  Hmm, why didn't I think of this before.  Silly me.

I believe it is absolutely utterly gorgeous outside.  My plan for the morning past may have appeared lazy from the outside, but in reality, it was the perfect plan.  You see, I knew it was going to get warmer and warmer and warmer with every passing hour and I really wanted to go running.  So why go running at 7:30 am when it's only 36 degrees, when you can wait until 10:00am when it's 50 degrees (and counting)?  See what I mean.  Now, you may think that I sat around in my heavenly white robe, sipping tea and watching 3 hours of the Today Show before my run.  Au contrair, mes amis!  While it is true that I have a heavenly robe and drink (absurd amounts) of tea, and watch (too many hours of) The Today Show, I was actually accomplishing things before my run.  It has been a great day of checking items off of my multiple to-do lists while still enjoying the sun and my books and my new (from last season's clearance) denim Gap burmuda shorts.  

I believe I will enter into the kitchen to whip up a batch (or two) of those chewy brownies.  I shall [note: the use of this word is the reason for my off-topic title.  just fyi.] give them to Kevin.  and to our neighbors whom I have yet to meet (how lame am I?). and to the couple getting married tomorrow so they will have chewy chocolately goodness to enjoy on their honeymoon.  

I belive I will post the brownie recipe here later on.  I cannot remember if I posted it on that other blog or not.  But in any case....oh look, a butterfly!

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