April 24, 2009

The One with the Real Life Musical

Britt sent the link to this youtube video to me and let me tell you, I was impressed.  This is so cool and super fun.  In just 2 practice sessions, over 200 dancers performed a "spontaneous" rendition of The Sound of Music's "Do, Re, Mi" in Belgium's central train station.  I'm not gonna lie, I almost broke out in a round of applause (all by myself) as it ended.  It just gets better and better!  And I love how happy it makes all the on-lookers.  Oh, and a confession...a little tear may have surfaced too!  (Don't mock me.  I'm emotional.)


  1. THAT WAS AMAZING!!! Wow... wish I could have seen it in person!

  2. You have no idea how haapy that made me!

  3. LOL at first when I read that, I read "Britt sent the link to this youtube video OF me and let me tell you, I was impressed." HAHA i skimmed i guess and read "of me" haha and for a sec i was like well melanie ..HAHAHA then i read it again ;) love ya friend!


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