April 8, 2009

The One with the Love Fest

I am so aware of how extremely blessed I have to have such an amazing, godly husband.

Allow me to explain.
Yesterday I had my weekly meeting with Pastor Dale.  We were just wrapping up when we somehow ended up talking about how the "FireProof Your Marriage" class was going.  I ended up hearing the story of a couple that has been married nearly 49 years.  The wife opted out of the class because "after 49 years, what's going to change?"  Well, the husband has been changing.  He admitted to some pretty astounding (and saddening) mistakes he's made in his marriage...such as never ever having given his wife a birthday card. or taken her out to dinner. or done anything special for her.  EVER!  I was completely taken aback by this statistic for a couple reasons.  First, how do you go for 49 years and never begin to learn how to love your mate?  Second, my parents had "date nights" every week and I now fully understand how precious and essential that time is.  Third, I just COULDN'T BELIEVE IT.  I was stunned.  Mouth gaping open and everything.  
Back to the story.  Dale believes that this couple poured so much of themselves into the church and its people that they neglected their marriage and their family.  He's now so excited to see the changes this man is making and how his wife already seems happier.  Pastor Dale is hoping to help the man plan something special for their upcoming anniversary and make sure that the new things he's learning will continue after the class is through.  And Dale is praying that those changes will positively affect the rest of his family which is slightly dysfunctional. 

All that to say....

He hugs me and kisses me.  He buys me beautiful flowers just because.  He brings home a Frosty if he knows I'm craving ice cream. He brags about me to his friends.  He tells me how much he loves my cooking.  He looks at me with utter love.  He likes me even when I'm unlikeable. He loves me.  

And I know it.

Thank you, Kevin.


  1. Soo facebook has got me hooked on the "like this" link.... but this is blogger - I liked your post.

  2. Ditto! We're lucky ladies to have such loving Kevins in our lives :)


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