April 13, 2009

The One with the Crime [or something...]

Last night I became the ultimate crime stopper.  For real.  After spending a wonderful afternoon with both sides of Kevin's family, eating the perfect amount of the delicious meal, and enjoying the conversation-filled ride home with my husband, the two of us were chilling in the office before bed.  Through the still of the night (and the noise of the television) I managed to hear a rumbling vehicle in the church parking lot.  Now, this is not too out of the ordinary because many cars use the lot to turn around in.  Also, we have many church members who come and go.  However, I peeked my head out from behind the curtains and found that this car had parked at the far end of the lot and had turned off the engine.  I was confused and watched for a while to be sure it wasn't just a church member stopping by for something or other.  Nope.  Through the dark night and the pitch black lot (thanks to us for asking to have the parking lot lights turned off more because they run through our electricity), I could barely make out the car and some small light.  

Kevin and I ended up watching the goings-on for nearly an hour.  At one point 2 of the 4 (?) occupants got out and walked down the lot towards the road.  And then back.  I was completely confused as to what was happening because if they had wanted to hide there were many other corners of the lot that are completely hidden from view.  They were probably some stupid kids doing some stupid stuff, but we weren't about to approach them in the dark.  So we called the Pastor and ended up calling the police to come check it out.  25 long minutes later, the cop showed up right after the car finally drove away.  sheesh.  I was hoping for some sweet action, you know?  Or at least a warning so the people won't want to mess with our parking lot again. Oh well.  It was a bit thrilling.  for a moment.

Also last night before all that shenanigans, I resolved to learn to play the guitar.  Kevin brought back his old (and pretty crappy, I might add) guitar from home and between this intrument and Kevin's new electric guitar we have decided to learn together.  I'm so stoked!  Normally one of us is teaching the other something, but this we can work on together.  I have had a heck of a time tuning this darn warped instrument, but I've already learned quite a bit--theory-wise.  I think if I actually accomplish this goal, my understanding of music theory will have grown tremendously--helping me on piano as well.  Also, the guitar is a much more mobile instrument.  And I'm just really looking forward to spending time with my husband learning something we're both excited about.  

I shall now commence building callouses. 

later that same day....

I need everyone's opinions for a quick poll:  If you were just leaving church and saw a table of cookies for sale, what variety would you be most excited to see?  


  1. The kind with peanut butter and M & Ms in them!

  2. Ooh, how exciting! We watched what appeared to be a drug bust at our apartment complex not too long ago.. it is momentarily thrilling to see such a thing, but I am very ready to move into an area that's a bit less "city." :)

    As for the cookies, I tend to go for classics like chocolate chip (or chunk)! Nestle Toll House are my personal favorites.. mmm.


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