April 21, 2009

The One with the Perfect Burger

What a surprisingly wonderful day!  I was planning on Kevin not being home until 6:30pm due to his weekly meeting with his professor, but I had forgotton that Dr. R was out of town.  Afterhe left the house around 7am, I did my JM workout, and found out my meeting with Pastor Dale was cancelled, I was pleasantly suprised to find my love arriving back home around 2pm.  Yippee!  We spent some time relaxing and then decided to head to Sam's Club in Canton.  Now, we admit this sounds lame, but really we quite enjoyed ourselves.  Not only did he get to partake of the hotdog & soda combo and I was able to indulge in the ice cream cup, but we spent quality relaxed time together pricing the baking items needed and dreaming about the cool computer or tv or dvd or cookbook we might someday purchase. :D  Still sounds kinda lame.  But it was totally cool!  
We got back home around 6:15pm and I spent the next hour organizing the bulk food we had bought.  My cupboards are beautifully re-arranged in the wonderful snap-lid plastic storagewareGrams bought for me.  I'm so happy. (It's the small things, right?)

::the pantry::
::bottom shelf--baking products--flour, sugar, vanilla, oats, cornmeal::
::snack shelf--coffee, cake mixes, nuts, raisins, granola bars, crackers::
::staples shelf--pasta sauce, applesauce, pasta varieties (3), canned goods::

Oh, and we opted to buy the 10 pounds of 90/10 ground beef as it was so low in fat and cheaper per pound than 99% of grocery store prices.  It's a lot of meat, but it will be used well.  I packaged the 10 pounds into 20 half-pound packs and they are currently freezing...Well, except for the 2--quarter pound burgers we just finished eating.  They were terrific.  


  1. I like the applesauce and pasta shelf. :)

  2. You are ridiculous my friend and yet so normal in my mind... thats exactly how my cupboards are going to look!

  3. I consider grocery shopping with my husband a sort of "date" too! Little things :)

  4. Can I just say how much I love my readers?! :D


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