April 18, 2009

The One with the Joy

On this, the most beautiful day Michigan has seen in months, Kevin & I were given the privilege of joining some wonderful friends in celebrating the beginning of their married life together.  After "sleeping in" (that is, not setting the alarm and still waking up at 7:30am), going for a warm run, making amazing flourless oatmeal pancakes, and enjoying a bit of leisure together, the two of us got all dressed up and headed to a lovely little Baptist church in the country of southern Michigan.  
The weather was perfect.  
Ruth was stunning.  
Seeing old friends was great.  
And the soft serve ice cream was wonderful.  
Enjoy the photo journey.

::the perfect bride arm-in-arm with dad::
::note the beautiful intricacies of her gown::

::the unity candle ceremony::
::catching THE perfect moment on film::

::lovely simplicity::
::the cut::
::so thrilled for two of our best friends::

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