October 30, 2008

The One with the Ice Cream

As I mentioned yesterday, Kevin and I had plans to stop by Coldstone in the afternoon to cash in his free treat birthday coupon.  Well, lo and behold as I'm watching the 12:00 news I hear about a big time movie that is calling for extras for their filming in Greektown.  Ok, ok.  This is cool.  A film taking place right around the corner from my house.  (Wait a sec...why didn't I go out for that?  I totally could have starred in a movie!!!)  Anyways, I decided to pay close attention to the precise location of this filming because I knew Coldstone was right near Greektown.  Sure enough...Monroe St. was completely closed for the day.  I could even see the Creamery in the background of the News footage as if mocking my desire for the lactose goodness.  Well.  That's just great.  

I tell Kevin of this irony and he discovered there was another Coldstone right over by Meijer.  A bit of a longer drive (15 minutes versus 2) but no trouble finding parking and no need to pay for that spot.  (Paying for parking=my least favorite thing about the city.)  Despite the potential destruction of our plan, we were able to thoroughly enjoy our ice cream date.  I ordered a "Like it" (small) of Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream with Snickers folded in and Kevin ordered the "Gotta Have it" (large) of the specialty creation "Mud Pie Mojo" (=coffee ice cream, oreos, peanut butter, roasted almonds, and fudge).  I had a hard time ordering such a small size, but I went away saying, "That was just the right amount of ice cream."  (Normally, I'm moaning and groaning...)  It was perfectly creamy and chocolately and lovely.  

Today I plan on driving to Monroe early afternoon to spend a few hours cleaning like a mad woman in the time I have before the Light the Night (halloween alternative).  

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