October 8, 2008

The One That's Short

I completely forgot how great Chips Ahoy! cookies are.  Yesterday I dropped off the "we're moving out" paperwork to our apartment manager (who's fantastic, in case you were curious) and on my way out I decided to grab a cookie.  There's always cookies out in the office and I have never taken them, but yesterday was the right time to try.  I was thoroughly satisfied with that cookie.

As was I with the Cottage Inn pizza.  Three cheers for "buy one large get one free" coupons.  That stuff is great.  

Kevin and I are getting so much wonderful furniture donated to us for our lovely new home.  My parents are giving us their entire bedroom set (they're finally getting new stuff after 25 years...but in case you were worried it's dark wood and not at all out of style.  lol.  But would I really care?  Probably not.)  Also, we're getting a couple end tables from them, a back porch table and chairs, an upright freezer, and a 3 shelved glass entertainment unit.  A friend of my dad's is giving us a leather Layzboy and we just found out my mom's friends is sending us their sturdy beautiful light oak entertainment center (5 feet across, 4 feet high, decorative shelves enclosed in glass...the whole nine yards.)  

Ok this was supposed to be short.  Oops.  I have a continually growing loft of boxes that are packed with all the items we won't be needing in the next few weeks.  It feels good.  Also, I have awesome packing skilz.  

ooohooohoooh...one more thing.  Canadian Thanksgiving.  This weekend.  With friends and "family."  We're stoked.

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