October 15, 2008

The One with the Pastors

Despite the fact that my alarm went off at 6am yesterday morning, the day was quite delightful.  I drove off toward Spring Arbor while the skies were still dark and thoroughly enjoyed the rising sun showcasing the changing leaves.  I arrived at the Pastor's meeting right on time and had plenty of time to meet some new faces and partake of the fresh fruit and other breakfast foods.  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little intimidated at the thought of participating in a pastor's event where I was the "young" girl who just became a youth pastor and still doesn't really know what she's doing. But it was good.  And not at all scary.  Meeting with fellow conference youth pastors was great and we are talking about developing a wiki website in order to more effectively share materials, plans, ideas, etc.  

When noon rolled around, I met my father in law for a really tasty lunch in the d.c.  (funny how good the food is when you don't have to eat it 3 times a day for an entire school year.)  As anticipated, I got stopped numerous times on my way to the table by friends who were shocked and excited to see me on campus.  It was a really fun little reunion day. :)  After I had finished my vanilla ice cream, I stopped by the choir room where Chamber singers were just finishing up.  I succeeded in thoroughly distracting the group but was nonetheless warmly welcomed by Dr. Livesay and the others that I knew well.  (Let me just say how much I miss singing in a group of us high caliber.  Never again will I have such an opportunity.)  Once we singers had reminisced sufficiently, I ventured over to Dr. Brewer's office (since we hadn't caught up since May).  He was in a staff meeting so I popped a squat on the front porch bench in the sun and waited.  Two of Kevin's chemistry profs stopped by to chat for a while and I already have them brainstorming 5 years into the future (trying to figure out how they might best be able to use him as a new PhD in their department.)  Who knows. :)  

By this time, I had visited as many good friends as I could and was ready to head out.  I got a call from Britt that she and Nick were basking in the sun nearby.  I stopped by for a visited and soon after I had popped a squat, Dave, KD, Gavin, and Chris were all joining us.  An hour later, and only after a really great visit, I drove away to head back to Detroit.

I made it home in time to hop on my bike and meet Kevin on campus after his last class of the day.  His face glowed a bit when he saw me waiting for him and that made my trip well worth it. =D


  1. Hey girl!

    I totally miss going to salt and light! You are going to do a great job at your new church!

    I saw you had the Smith gallery as a link... do you know them too?

  2. Aw! That sounds like such a fun day! I miss Chamber Singers and Dr. Brewer, too. :'( And you are right about the DC. I only ate there 2-3 times a week, and I didn't get tired of it during my time as a student.

    That is so hilarious about Kevin's old professors! Well, it's good to be loved, I guess?


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