October 22, 2008

The One with a Tired Girl

Right now High School Musical is on the Disney Channel.  And I'm very happy about it.  Mostly because there was nothing else good on between 8 and 9 when my favorite show ever {Criminal Minds} comes on.  But no, seriously.  It's been to long since I let down my guard and enjoyed the good ol' cheesy musical.  (With Kevin nonetheless.  Poor guy.)  I think I need to see the third one eventually.  I'm secretly excited about it's theater appearance.  Although, maybe I should view the entire second movie first.  lol.  

In other news, I was awesome at Wheel of Fortune earlier tonight.  The category was "Before and After" and there were 2 Ss and 1 M on the board.  Typically I dispise this category, but out of nowhere I shout, "Simple Simon Cowell!"  Woot!  It took the rest of the people all but 2 letters to figure it out.  Kevin was mighty impressed with me.  *proud*  

Then I napped.  I was tired.  And my head has hurt for a few hours.  And I didn't get my nap this afternoon.  

But you know what I did get this afternoon?  I surprise from my love...who decided to come home at 2:30!!!  Yay!  He came along with me on my Meijer trip and we enjoyed the little "date"...particularly the amazing deal on Doritos. :)  


  1. I love Criminal Minds. And doritos.

  2. I love Doritos and ate some tonight. and yesterday as well.


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